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not nostalgia

just like nostalgia_lj only not

I pine for BNFdom.

angel, anti-sectarianism, anti-trident, anti-war, antidepressants that work, aretha, ban the bomb, bashir/o'brien, battle royale, bitchin' about fandom, bitching about enterprise, bleeding heart liberalism, bonsai kittens, boycotting nestle, bring it on, bring the troops home, bru, buffy, burning things, caffeine, cake of finality, catmonkeys, curry, cutting one's own hair, cyberpunk, doctor who, ds9, eighth doctor, emmy-kate montrose, enterprise, fandom, fanfic, feminism, femslash, fitz kreiner, fitz/eight, genetic engineering, genius will smith, glasgow, hamsters, hating tories, historical person slash, history, html, idealism, irn bru, j/7, james, johnny rotten, kate mildew, kenickie, kukalaka sex, lalla ward, laughing at creationists, launching tampons, lower-case letters, lowly noone fans, making people do stuff, making smoke rings, manic street preachers, manipulating people, marie du santiago, marlboro reds, miles o'brien, modern history, monkeys, my over-long scraf, not being nostalgia, over-throwing george w bush, paul mcgann, paul robeson, peace, petty theft, politics, procrastination, punk, quantum leap, quorn, ringu, romana two, rosita, rupert giles, sandman, sci-fi, science students, scones, sharing this interest, skience, slash, sleep, small cute animals, sophie aldred, space, spitting on posh cars, spoons of rassilon, staple guns, star wars, stop the war, tenpole tudor, the buzzcocks, the clash, the cure, the fitzbitch cabal, the ring, the sex pistols, the smiths, things of rassilon, this interest, tom baker, victim johnny, voyager, watching flamewars, west wing, wishing thatcher dead